I am pictured here with the drawing which was featured on the Star News Media Commemorative Cup for 2013. It is titled "The Foot of Market Street."

I am pictured here with the drawing which was featured on the Star News Media Commemorative Cup for 2013. It is titled "The Foot of Market Street."

JUDI F. NIEMANN has been a professional artist since she graduated from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania with a BA in Art History. While studying abroad in Italy and Greece, she found her passion for outdoor landscape painting; it was then that Judi made the decision to pursue the life of an artist. Since that time she has lived and painted in Chester County, Pennsylvania; Princeton, New Jersey; Annapolis, Maryland; Wilmington, North Carolina.

As a young free-lance artist in Princeton, NJ, Judi specialized in commissioned paintings and illustrations. For years she was a drawing and painting instructor at the Princeton Art Association, as well as a painting demonstrator for M. Grumbacher, Inc., a national art supply company. During those years, Judi had numerous one-person exhibitions, won local and state awards, spoke at conferences and schools about art as a career, and had many paintings purchased for corporate, university, and private collections. Each summer, Judi took a “painting vacation” to study with a different nationally recognized artist.

In addition to her fine art career, Judi was the owner of T-Square Studios, Inc., a graphic design/ marketing/ advertising agency. Princeton University, Lenox China, Dow Jones Publishing Company, Johnson and Johnson, Palmer Square, and The Hills Development Company were T-Square Studios’ primary clients. Judi wore the hats of account executive, creative director, illustrator and copywriter for corporate identity campaigns and new product introductions for these prestigious clients.

Relocating to Wilmington, North Carolina in 2004, Judi immediately proceeded to get to know Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach by painting and drawing the beautiful coastal landscape. Primarily a “plein air” artist, Judi prefers to work from direct observation in the great outdoors! Her numerous paintings and drawings on this website were created under the shade of a tree or with the breeze of the ocean on her face.

Having worked for so many years from direct observation, Judi is able to draw upon her knowledge of how light and perspective work when doing a commission from a photo; the result is life-like representation from even a mediocre photo. Having been doing commission custom work all of her adult life, Judi thrives on the challenge of taking a client’s concept and turning it into a beautiful work of art!

BA Art History, Rosemont College, Pennsylvania
L’Accademia Belle Arte, Perugia, Italy (Sculpture and Painting)
Universita Per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy (Italian Language and Renaissance Studies)
Painting Workshops: Betty Lou Schlemm, Zygmund Jankowski, Robert E. Wood, Rex Brandt, Joan Irving, George Post, Edgar A. Whitney